WriterZen Review 2022 – An Incredible Keyword Research Tool

If you are looking for a proper and up-to-date WriterZen review on the internet to learn more about before buying it, then you are in the right place.

If you are a digital marketer, blogger, or website content creator, then you know the importance of keywords. 

As it says, a keyword can change your life. And there’s surely no doubt about it to say that.

But finding the right keyword on which you can rank in SERP 1st page in your niche and conquer your competitors is a crucial and time-consuming task. 

But with WriterZen, you can speed up your keyword finding process and drive more organic traffic to your site.

WriterZen is a cloud-based keyword research tool. But it’s not limited to keyword research only. There are a couple of things that WriterZen offers to boost your on-page SEO work.

I encourage you to read the in-depth WriterZen Review to learn about it before you buy it.

What is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a new SaaS in today’s SEO world. From topic discovery to fetching detailed insight into a particular keyword, WriterZen is something you need.

It is an absolute alternative to Ahrefs, SEMrush, or Ubersuggest in the keyword and topic discovery area. 

Apart from Keyword discovery and fetching keyword details, WriterZen is there to help you write SEO-friendly articles for your blogs or your digital marketing campaigns. 

You can even take advantage of its AI writing feature additionally. And to ease your content creation effort, WriterZen has its own plagiarism checker tool.

That means, from keyword discovery to gaining clear insight about it and then writing the SEO optimized article with plagiarism checked, all these things you have just got bundled upon on one single platform.

Woah! Isn’t that exciting?

When I started using WriterZen, trust me, it feels like home.

Rest I’m going to give you a proper WriterZen review by segmenting its all features into detailed summaries. 

WriterZen Review – May 2022

I’ll make the WriterZen review very detailed. You will get to know about all the features and their function after reading this post.

There are currently five in total tools you will get to see on WriterZen. And these are as follows,

  • Topic Discovery
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Content Creator
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Keyword Importer

I have been using WriterZen for a month and I found all of its features outstanding and really needy to create a blog post that ranks.

Whatever plans you purchase, no matter, you will have all these tools to use. But there will cap in limits. And I will discuss it in the pricing section. So stay tuned. 

Topic Discovery

The first thing on WriterZen that I feel quite excited about while writing the WriterZen review is the Topic Discovery function.

Topic Discovery will help you in an incredible way to get more and more content ideas on your niche. 

writerzen review

If you are running a micro-niche blog, let’s say, your blog is about “Husky Dogs”, you just type is “Husky Dogs” in the Topic Discovery.

WriterZen will then begin to collect data from Google Keyword planner. Also, it will analyze the first 100 pages on Google SEPR that rank on “Husky Dogs”. 

And then it will come up with topic ideas related to Husky Dogs and categorize them according to the best fit. You can then go through them and pick the best keyword for your next blog post.

Keyword Explorer

Second, on the WriterZen review is the Keyword Explorer function. Once you have chosen the right keyword from your recent Topic Discovery, now can go to Keyword Explorer and paste that keyword to fetch fresh data regarding that keyword.

writerzen review

Things you will get to know about the keyword you just searched on WriterZen’s Keyword Explorer are as follows,

  • Search volume 
  • CPC details
  • Number of keyword ideas
  • Total Search volume combining all keyword ideas data
  • Top 10 ranked websites on Google SERP with that keyword including their Ahrefs Rank, Backlinks, Referring Domains, Organic Keywords, Organic Traffic, Traffic value, Domain rating. 
  • So you can easily get the perfect idea about your competitors on that keyword. If you think you can conquer them, you are good to go to work on that particular keyword. 
  • The Google trends graph on that keyword over the year. So you will get an idea about its search pattern. 

Apart from all of these, in the next section of Keyword Explorer, you will get to see

  • Keyword data
  • Insights
  • Clusters

Now let me talk about all of these in a very simpler way to give the best insights.

Keyword data: 

This section will show you all the keywords that are being searched on Google along with their search volume, Tread graph, and CPC.

writerzen review

You will also get to see “Also search for” keywords along with it. 


In this section, WriterZen will categorize keywords that best suit questions, prepositions, and numerical to make your keyword research work a whole lot easier.

writerzen review

The question part is also sub-categorized with keywords starting with What, How, Why, and Do. If you are looking for keywords to write “How-to” articles, then you will definitely love this thing that WriterZen has to offer you.


This part in Keyword Explorer is a bit advanced. WriterZen’s AI will generate keyword ideas directly from Google SEPR that are relevant to your topic.

And then WriterZen will categorize those keywords using factors like search volume and relevancy. 

writerzen review

You will discover potentially useful keywords and categories for your niche to consider. On the plus side, Google can easily understand your website, and ultimately your ranking will boost on Google SERP. 

Content Creator

WriterZen has its own Content Creator tool that helps to write SEO-optimized articles that will rank. When you are going to write an article on WriterZen’s Content Creator tool, it will first ask you to enter the focus keyword.

Then it will scan all those websites that are ranking on Google with that keyword. Then it will suggest to you how many words, images, paragraphs, and headings you will have to have on your article to conquer your competitors.

writerzen review

Also, you can directly access your competitors from the writing panel. You can also look for LSI keywords that you need to put on your article to make it more optimized. So that when it will rank it will rank for a lot of keywords. As a result, you can drive more traffic to your website.

Plagiarism Checker

After writing an article the next important thing is to check the plagiarism. Now you don’t need to look out for any other plagiarism tools online to get this job done.

WriterZen has its own plagiarism tool and the best part is that you can check up to 3000 words per checking and the result is satisfyingly accurate. 

writerzen review

There are a lot of plagiarism checker tools available online. Some are free and some are paid.

Those who are free are limited to mostly 1000 words checking per time. And in this case, if you write an article of more than 1000 words, you have to run the check more than one, and that too by segmenting your article keeping it exactly 1000 words or below. This is real trouble. 

Now if we talk about paid plagiarism checker tools, they are quite expensive for individuals or those who are new to blogging or content creation.

But if you have WriterZen, you can do it from there. And this will increase the workflow and make it smoother and faster. 

Keyword Importer

WriterZen has another significant tool which is Keyword Importer.  As the name suggests, Keyword Importer, you can easily sense its functionality.

With Keyword Importer you can import your keywords to analyze them all together. The file should be a .txt file to import.

writerzen review

Even you can type your keywords or paste them into the box to bulk analyze them. The search result will come with Allintitle data of your chosen keywords. Also, WriterZen will simply Cluster them into relevant groups. 

WriterZen’s Plans And Features:

The next important part of the WriterZen review is to talk about the plans and features.

There are three plans you can choose from to buy WriterZen.

WriterZen Review [year] - An Incredible Keyword Research Tool

The basic plan starts at $39/per month. You can discover all the plans here.

But the best part here is that you can grab the basic plan at $79.00 for a lifetime from the AppSumo lifetime deal.

writerzen review

When you will buy WriterZen from the AppSumo lifetime deal, here you will get these features,

  • One-time pay and enjoy WriterZen for a lifetime.
  • You will keep on receiving updates.
  • You can avail of 10% off on your First Purchase.
  • 60 days money-back guarantee without asking for any reason.

How to Buy WriterZen for Lifetime?

You can buy WriterZen from its official website, writerzen.net. By the way, you can also buy WriterZen for a lifetime on AppSumo.com. This offer is for a limited time period. 

As WriterZen is new in the SEO market, it’s giving such an amazing offer for wide exposure. And it may be a golden opportunity for you if you are a full-time blogger or a content creator. 

Grab this lifetime offer before it gets ended. 

How to get your First 10% off on AppSumo?

Want a little bit more discounts on AppSumo? Well, you can get this. AppSumo gives 10% off any purchase to their new users.

For that, wait a few seconds on the AppSumo website. And then there’ll be a pop-up displayed with 10% off.

Appsumo discounts 10 percent writerzen review

Enter your email to get the 10% discount code to your email.

Next use this discount code at the time of purchasing WriterZen. And that will cost something around $72 USD.

The disadvantage of WriterZen:

There are particularly no such disadvantages in the features that the tool is providing. However, there are some SEO tools that have been missing from it. 

If you use WriterZen for the purpose of keyword research tool, then it fits above all. WriterZen will be lacking behind if you want to use it as an all-in-one SEO tool.

You cannot analyze a particular website to find all its potential keywords like Ahrefs or SEMrush in one go on WriterZen. You have to manually enter a keyword and look for it on WriterZen.

If you want to research your competitors’ backlinks profiles, then again WriterZen isn’t for any use of it. 

You cannot sort keywords by keyword difficulty. You can sort keywords by PPC Competition. Which is only useful for those who are going to run a PPC ad campaign. 

These are the missing things you will notice on WriterZen when you will switch to it from Ahref or SEMRush tools. 

But one great thing about WriterZen is, that this tool has been designed to help digital marketers and bloggers specially helo on keyword research and content writing and checking for plagiarism in one go after writing the article.

Although website analysis is a different part of SEO, I hope WriterZen will think about it in the future. 

Wrapping up WriterZen Review:

The price of SaaS products is rising, there are no any doubts. SEO is something that every single digital marketer needs to work on to scale up their digital marketing thing.

Looking at the items and all those potential features that WriterZen has brought for us, plus the lifetime AppSumo deal, I can’t just simply step back to appreciate it.

I’ve been using this tool for a month and then I’m writing this WriterZen review. It’s a great opportunity to grab this powerful keyword research tool for lifetime use from the AppSumo lifetime deal. 

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