5 OCR tools to Convert Images into Texts Online in 2024

Do you want to convert your images into a textual format to get the information in printed form? This can be done very quickly without exerting any manual effort. In this blog post, I have discussed the top 5 OCR tools that can be used for text detection from images. 

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition and is used to extract textual information from an image. OCR is a technology that converts all kinds of images into text and helps people to edit or print those documents.

Top 5 OCR tools to Convert Images into Texts online

Let us look at the best tools that provide an image-to-text converter.

1. PrePostSEO

PrePostSEO is an efficient tool that provides an OCR technology to extract information from different kinds of images.

It allows PNG, JPG, BMP, GIF, JPEG, and TIFF documents to be uploaded for text extraction. In addition, this straightforward and uncomplicated tool will enable people to upload or drag images from their files.

OCR tools


Besides this, one of the fantastic things you will find in this tool is that it allows the text to be extracted into different languages.

Most of the tools you find on the internet may not have this feature, but here you will get it for free, and people who want to extract quotes in different languages can easily do that with the help of this image-to-text converter. 

2. OCR.best

OCR.best, as the name says, is one of the best OCR tools. If you want to avoid writing text manually from an image, this tool will help you extract your text as written documents.

ocr tools

This tool will help students extract information from images and presentations to help them prepare for their studies. This tool also allows people to modify sentences and phrases and change their documents’ visibility. 

3. Simple OCR

Simple OCR is a straightforward tool, and for some people, it may seem like an old tool, but you can use this to extract information from different kinds of images. The easy-to-use interface makes anyone, regardless of age, use this OCR tool to extract data from images. 

4. Editpad.org

Editpad.org, from the word “edit pad,” you might get confused about whether this is an image-to-text converter or not. But this tool is an all-rounder that includes a plagiarism checker, a rewriter tool, and an image-to-text converter.

OCR tools

This tool provides immediate results and helps people to get images in written and editable formats. This is a free tool; people do not need to pay or sign up before starting the process. In addition, the tool provides a friendly interface making it easier to use.

5. Free online OCR

The Free Online OCR tool is also one of the tools that provide an image-to-text converter and helps people to convert different types of files such as snapshots, invoices, E-books, etc.

OCR tools

This tool helps students to use it to get their information in written documents. Sometimes students need to have handwritten documents in soft copies, which can be done by uploading the image of it and converting it to textual format.

Benefits of using the OCR Tools

One may find it easy to write down the information manually that they find in different images but when the OCR technology helps people to extract text from images, then why not use it? Let us discuss some of its benefits that will help people to decide better. 

  • It saves time

Noting down every word manually from an image is quite time-consuming, whereas using an OCR tool is more convenient because this work can be completed in seconds. Besides, such tools are built with advanced algorithms that scan documents and provide accurate data.

  • It is affordable

Why not utilize their features and complete our tasks when online OCR tools are available for free on the internet?

Many people are unaware that most image-to-text converters available on the internet are free or provide a free trial. Some tools are paid, but they are also available at a very affordable price and provide outstanding results that will be very helpful for the users.

  • It helps students to extract data.

Students often find extracting data from images, presentations, and videos challenging. Using OCR image-to-text converter can help them remove all types of information and provide them with editable documents that can be printed for further usage. 

  • It provides accurate results.

A machine can never go wrong, whereas humans are prone to mistakes. Therefore, trusting a machine over humans can be a better choice.

Using an image-to-text tool will give you accurate results without any mistakes, and some of the tools also provide a grammar checker, which helps to modify the text to make it readable for the audience. 

  • It is safe to use 

Some people avoid online tools because they feel unsafe, but that is not true. These tools developed with artificial intelligence have policies that are clearly mentioned on their website and do not store data. These tools are safe and secure to use and keep your data confidential. 

Wrapping up:

Using optical character recognition technology for your office and school documents can be very useful because it saves time and effort. People who do this task manually are way behind the time.

As we embrace new modes of technology, we need to access online tools which are efficient enough to complete tasks a smaller number of times. So if you are still working on those ancient techniques, step ahead and embrace new technological methods to live hassle-free lives. 

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