How to Make Your Blog Posts Engaging With Fancy Text?

According to a study, 77% of people prefer reading online blogs. So, considering the popularity of blogs, everybody has created or decided to create their own blogs. And if you are thinking the same, then we have an interesting approach to making your blog posts stand out.

Here, we will discuss an unorthodox way of increasing a blog post’s engagement. And the name of that strange way is fancy text. So, if you want to understand how fancy text can help blog posts and make them engaging, read this blog post.

What Is Fancy Text?

Fancy text is similar to standard text in terms of the actual characters and numbers. However, the fonts or typography of the fancy text looks different than the standard text. By different, we mean stylish, weird, or glitchy. Therefore, people often refer to fancy text as weird, creepy, demonic, or glitchy.

Some Examples of Fancy Text:

Generally, you will find a plethora of variations in fancy texts. But here are the most practiced font styles among fancy or creepy text generators:

Fancy Text

Figure – 1: This image demonstrates an example of variations of fonts in fancy text

Fancy Text

Figure – 2: This picture illustrates another example of variations of fonts in fancy text

How Can Fancy Text Make Blog Posts Engaging?

As you’ve seen in the above-discussed examples, there are different variations of fonts in fancy texts. So, you can take assistance from the variations of fancy or weird text in your blog post’s title or description.

Fancy Text

Figure – 3: This image demonstrates an example of including fancy text in the metadata of a blog post

However, let’s see how fancy text can benefit your blog post:

Fancy Text Can Make You Stand Out in SERPs: When search engines show the results in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages), it’s easier to get confused due to the availability of several results. However, a few traces of fancy readable characters in your blog post’s title or description can make your blog post stand out among the other results. 

Fancy Text Can Increase the CTR: Considering the popularity of memes, it is clear that weird things catch people’s attention more. And as we’ve discussed in the previous point, fancy text can make your blog post stand out in SERPs.

So, when you sprinkle a few instances of weird text in your blog post’s meta title or description, it will increase the likelihood of urging people to click on your blog post.

How to Create Fancy Text?

You don’t have to be a coder or developer to convert your normal text into fancy, demonic or weird text effects. All you need is the right tool. And in the case of bizarre text, you will need a weird text generator. So, let’s see how you can create fancy text with the help of a glitch text generator.

Step – 1: Different fancy or demonic text generators are available on the internet. However, they all work on the same algorithm that takes assistance from Unicode rendering. So, you can pick any tool, as we have randomly selected the first tool for our search query.

Fancy Text

Figure – 4: This image demonstrates an example of searching and opening a fancy text generator from the internet

Step – 2: Once you are on the homepage of your selected weird or fancy text generator, enter text into the text box.

Step – 3: Then, click on the ‘Generate’ button. However, for some tools, you won’t have to perform this step because they can generate variations of weird fonts in real-time.

Fancy Text

Figure – 5: This picture demonstrates the way of giving input to a fancy text generator

Step – 4: Once the tool has generated the variations, you can click on the clipboard button to export the results to the clipboard. This way, you can paste the exported text anywhere.

Fancy Text

Figure – 6: This picture demonstrates the results of a fancy text generator


Fancy text is an unorthodox approach for attracting online readers to your blog post and increasing engagement. So, people often think that creating fancy or weird text requires the assistance of hackers or programmers. However, that’s not the case.

Creating fancy text may sound complicated. But it’s not, courtesy of advancements in technology.

Nowadays, tools can quickly generate lengthy paragraphs of fancy text with a single click. In fact, some tools do not even require a click to create variations of fancy text, as they can generate stylish fonts in real-time.

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