10 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically in 2022

The extensive growth of Instagram displays the increased competition among entrepreneurs to boost their Instagram followers organically. 

While the platform is an excellent opportunity for influencers as well as businesses across different industries to build their network and online presence, it is just as much of a challenge to stay relevant and engaging on the platform.  

Brands across the globe are leveraging this exceptional platform to increase their sales. Simply increase your Instagram followers, and you will see increments in your sales.

What makes Instagram quite a catch for businesses is the mere fact that they are able to target a much broader group audience.  

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically in 2022

Several strategies and practices go hand in hand when it comes to increasing your Instagram followers, especially when you want to do so organically.

Read ahead to know some of the best ways to improve your visibility on Instagram and build more followers over time.  

1. Engagement is Key to Increase Your Instagram Followers

Creating content that is engaging enough and speaking to your prospective consumers is one of the most crucial aspects of making sure that you grow your online presence.  

In a competitive era like today’s, engagement plays a critical role in making sure that you are creating an impact on your audience. 

Instagram users are always attracted to the idea of liking and commenting on your posts if they are worth taking a second glance at. Thus, you might want to consider creating content that is as interactive as it can get to grab the attention of your followers. 

A few ways to create interesting content including 

  • Create relatable content. Posts that move your audience in a way nothing else can is the best possible way of building your followers. For doing this, make sure that you’re familiar with who your audience is and what they’re interested in.  
  • Make sure that you upload video content consistently. Instagram is an all-inclusive platform that has comparatively amplified video content viewers.  
  • Make sure that you also post about ongoing trends. 
  • Lastly, a great tip that most experts might give you is to get an understanding of the  Instagram algorithm and accordingly incorporate hashtags for growing followers.  

2. Conduct Thorough Research On Your Target Audience

Increase Your Instagram Followers

There’s no shortcut to boosting your follower base on Instagram. It is a long yet worthwhile process. One of the best ways to increase your followers on Instagram is to get to know your prospective consumers better.

There’s no use in promoting content amid a crowd that is not interested in investing in your brand.  Doing in-depth research to analyze who your prospective customers are is a great way to identify what content you must create to attract that audience.

Here are a few ways to analyze who your target audience might be

  • Do a deep analysis of the demographics of your followers. From the location, age, and gender to similar factors, research is the ultimate key to identifying followers who might become your long-term investors. Additionally, also do research on what the majority of your followers are interested in to create content accordingly.
  • Make sure to watch out for your competitors. Examine the content they are creating and how much engagement it is getting. Use these insights to focus on what sort of content you should create, what you should improve, and what you should maintain.
  • Make sure to interact more and more with your content. Ask questions or feedback so that you can get direct information from your consumers on what they’re interested in.

3. Schedule Your Posts Precisely

10 Powerful Tips to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically in [year]

The next and one of the most pivotal elements to remember is to schedule your posts. On gaining information on what defines as engaging to your customers, you will want to analyze when your customers are most active during the day.

It is best suggested that you plan ahead and create a schedule for your posts for at least a week.  Ideally, you should remember to choose the right time for posting your content.

Posting during the time your viewers are most active can ensure maximum interaction on your posts, and this can, in turn, help you to increase your Instagram followers.

4. Optimize Your Instagram Content 

Content is, without a doubt, the strongest tool that you can use to gain more followers and simultaneously boost sales. However, there are certain rules and guidelines you must be well aware of when creating content for your Instagram.

As previously stated, getting clarity on how the Instagram algorithm works is highly important to ensure that you reach as many people as possible. Instagram’s algorithm plays a fundamental role in determining which posts appear first on a user’s feed.

Consistently coming up with new and evolved ideas for your content, monitoring the behavior and interests of your prospective consumers, and further creating relatable content are essentially some areas that you want to focus on.

Additionally, you must ensure optimizing your visual content. The content that you solely draft for your Instagram, be it in a video or image form, should be optimized for optimal results.

Using a high-quality Instagram video editor in this context for short videos is an excellent approach to creating content that is pleasing to the eyes.

Make sure that you also consider other essential factors such as creating short yet impactful content, publishing during optimal durations, and so on.

5. Share Your Instagram Profile/Posts on Other Platforms

Increase Your Instagram Followers

One of the best ways to reach a much larger audience is to share your Instagram posts on other platforms.  

Do not miss out on publishing your posts on different social media platforms to gain more interaction. Additionally, you can even share your Instagram profile link as well as your post links.  

Popular platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and so on have exceptional potential to grow your online presence and, ultimately, your Instagram followers. 

From sharing your Instagram handle on your YouTube videos to designing a post about a competition or Q&A that you might be hosting on Instagram, play with your ideas as much as possible.  

Furthermore, you can even include embedded links to your Instagram posts on various social media channels.

The key is to subtly add your Instagram post links or profile handle on distinguishing platforms to attract more people with similar interests to follow your Instagram page.  

This is another best way to Increase your Instagram Followers with targeted and lifetime audiences.

6. Always Add Something Different

Increase Your Instagram Followers

Staying unique is a critical element of boosting your follower base on a popular platform such as  Instagram.

Creating content that stands out from others is a great way to grab the attention of your viewers.  There may be instances wherein you might have analyzed Instagram’s algorithm, published content at the right time, and even designed elegant visuals.

Even so, why aren’t you receiving enough engagement on your posts? Well, the main reason for this can be simply that your content is more or less the same as most posts on Instagram.  

Here are some ways to change this.

  • Instagram Stories – A great way to display your brand’s mission or even tell your story is to make the most of the Instagram stories feature. Stories are unquestionably most influential when it comes to getting the attention of your audience.
  • IGTV videos – Make sure to invest your time and energy further into creating IGTV videos.  This feature of Instagram is highly underrated, and online businesses can use it to do promotions or even takeovers with influential personalities.
  • Giveaways or Contests – It is also smart to get your users to check your page more often when you include elements such as contests and giveaways. Every consumer is attracted to free gifts, and this can, in turn, boost your brand visibility.
  • User-generated Content – Make sure to include user-generated content to attain optimal brand awareness. User-generated content is an unbeatable way of showcasing how trustworthy and authentic your brand is.
  • Sneak Peeks – Lastly, make sure to create sneak peek videos or Instagram stories to generate curiosity among your audience so that they come back to your page now and then to see what you are planning to come up with.

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7. Make the Most of Influencer Marketing  

Well, it goes without saying that influencer marketing is undeniably an ultimate win for your brand. This will not only increase your Instagram followers but also stay impactful on Instagram.

Along with making content for your Instagram, getting influential people with a good number of followers to make your content is just the approach you should take towards building your brand’s online presence.

Doing enough research to find the right influencer and further convincing them to make content for your company is key to attracting many potential customers.

8. Stay Consistent With Your Content

Marketers must ensure staying consistent to build their follower base organically. As the saying goes, ‘consistency is the key to success‘ this applies here too.

You cannot achieve optimal benefits in the short term, although it isn’t entirely impossible.  Growing a follower base is all about being consistent with your content.

Ensure that you spend enough time, resources, and effort to create your content. Make sure that each and every post that you publish is not only eye-catching but also authentic.

Increase Your Instagram Followers

Apart from the tips mentioned earlier, a great way to build your followers over time is to get featured on popular accounts.

You can very smartly influence the followers of these accounts into listening to what you have to say. An excellent way to get influential accounts to notice you is to create engaging content that gains enough spotlight.

Additionally, you can also collaborate with brands of your size and promote each other’s products and services. This way you can increase your Instagram followers.

10. Stay True to Yourself

Last but not least, make sure that you stay authentic. Faking your brand’s identity and overdoing it can only harm your chance of building your followers.

Make sure that you have a story to tell your followers so that they are inspired as well as intrigued to stay tuned to what your brand has to offer.

Plagiarism-free, meaningful, and interactive content will help you attain your desired results over time.

Wrapping up:

Building your Instagram followers organically – is a comprehensive yet worthwhile process. It requires structured planning, utilizing the right editing tools, consistently monitoring, and several other elements to ensure that all your efforts are worth it.

The above-mentioned tips on How to Increase Your Instagram Followers Organically are some of the most effective ways that you can utilize for boosting your Instagram follower base.

Make sure that you read each of these tips carefully to get the hang of how exactly you can get more followers on Instagram.

This guide should help you create an outline for slowly but effectively reaching more people to invest in your brand.

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