How to use Telegram without Phone Number in 2022?

Hey there, are you looking for how to use Telegram without phone number?

Telegram is one of the most popular with more than 500 million users and the best WhatsApp alternative messaging app out there. Not only just messaging, but Telegram also has channels and global groups.

So, you will get educational channels on all types of categories like finances, cryptos, GK, job or entrance exams preparation, and many more to join to full fill your needs.

All you just need to search on Telegram with your topic and you will get it up there in the search list.

And there may come various scenarios where you need to join a Telegram group or channel for some purposes where you are not willing to join from your primary Telegram account.

And here you need that magic that you can use Telegram without phone number. Right?

So, here, in this post, I will guide you with the up-to-date working process of how you can use Telegram without phone number in 2022.

Without further ado, let’s just dive in.

Process of creating a Telegram account

To create a new account on Telegram, you need to use a phone number. And Telegram will verify it first by sending an OTP to that number or a call after 3:00 minutes if you didn’t enter the OTP from the message to ensure that the number belongs to you.

After the verification, you will be able to add your name, and profile picture to use Telegram.

So, here you need a number to use Telegram. That’s obvious here.

How to use Telegram without phone number?

As you just get to know in the last paragraph that we can’t use Telegram without number. But we can here use a virtual number to create an account on Telegram.

For this purpose, the best app that provides valid virtual numbers is TextNow.

TextNow is an application where you can sign up free of cost and get a virtual USA number. Using this number, you can create Telegram just like you create Telegram with your physical SIM number.

But here you will get the OTP or Call on the TextNow application.

Well, I’ll show you everything step-by-step next so that you don’t get confused with it.

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Step – 1: How to Download and Install the TextNow Application.

If you are from India or any other country in Asia, you may not be able to download the TextNow application on your phone from Play Store or App Store.

It is because TextNow is unavailable in some countries. You may even not be able to see its name after searching it on App Store or Play Store.

But if you go to textnow.com and then click on the download, it will take you to the Play Store and you will see that this application is not available in your country.

telegram without phone number

If it’s available in your country, then you can simply download it to your phone.

Here’s the app shortcut from Google Play Store.

TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited
TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited
Developer: TextNow, Inc.
Price: To be announced
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot
  • TextNow: Call + Text Unlimited Screenshot

In this whole process of this task, the major hardship you will get to get the TextNow application to download and use it.

But don’t worry about it. I am here to help you out so that you don’t need to jump from one website to another website to get the TextNow app. Also, downloading applications (Apps) from unknown sources isn’t a great thing to cherish.

Here the recommended Application for downloading for Android is APKPure.com. APKPure is a platform from where you can download applications even those that are blocked in your country. And you can trust this platform.

telegram without phone number
APKPure website overview

You can download TextNow from APKPure.com and then install it on your phone. But the application will be downloaded in XAPK format. So, you need a third-party app to install this XAPK on your Android phone.

To deny all this unwanted stuff, I simply recommend you download and install the official app of APKPure on your phone.

Here’s the link to download the APKPure app: APKPure App

telegram without phone number
Installing APKPure application

After that open the APKPure app and search for TextNow. From the search result page, tap on Install TextNow and this will start downloading.

telegram without phone number
Get TextNow now from APKPure App Store

In order to install TextNow on your phone, APKPure may ask you to turn off the UI optimization for your Android phone.

To do that, simply enable Developer mode on your phone and then go to the Developer options and find the UI optimization option.

In my case, I’m demonstrating it on a Redmi phone. And it is named MIUI optimization.

I simply just turned that off.

telegram without phone number
MIUI Optimization: It should be turned off!

That’s it.

Now go back to the APKPure app. Tap on the top right three parallel lines and then tap on Download and there you will get to see TextNow is listed.

telegram without phone number
Install TextNow from Here

Now tap on Install. This time TextNow will be installed successfully.

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Step – 2: Configure TextNow for a valid virtual number.

Now that you have installed TextNow, it’s time to get our virtual number ready to use Telegram without phone number.

Complete the sign-up process according your way. Keep on going following your preferences while setting up the app until you reach the page where it’s asking you for location.

telegram without phone number
Don’t use Location

Here you will use “Don’t use my location” and on the next page, TextNow will ask you to enter your area code.

And trust me, this is the main thing in this app. I have checked many area codes and Telegram doesn’t accept these numbers.

Finally, I figured out the appropriate area code that Telegram accepts in its sign-up process.

And the area code is, 919

Know more about this area code on Wikipedia.

Now, you have to simply enter 919 there and tap on continue.

telegram without phone number
Use 919 as the area code

This app will be gathering the list of unused numbers with area code 919 for you to use. Give it a few seconds to finish.

After the list appears, choose a number that you like and which is free and proceed to next.

The final step is to activate the number that you chose by simply tapping on “Activate my number”

Now you can use your phone number to use Telegram without phone number. 😀

To see your number, tap on the three parallel lines that appeared on the top left corner of the homepage.

telegram without phone number
You can see my Virtual Number From TextNow

Simply copy that number by tapping on that number.

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Step – 3: Sign-up Telegram using this Virtual Number.

Open the Telegram app, (if you haven’t installed it yet, first download it from the Play Store)

Select the country as the USA or simply put +1 as the country code. And then paste the number you have copied from the TextNow app.

Now click on the arrow button down below to proceed. Telegram will send an OTP to TextNow. But here’s a thing. TextNow will not display the verification codes until you upgrade the app.

telegram without phone number

So, what now?

Just wait for the call, Telegram will call you after 3 minutes. Note down the OTP from the call and put it on the Telegram verification page to finish the verification.

If you are somehow unable to accept the call, don’t worry. TextNow has a good feature. It will send the audio as voicemail of that call. Just tap on the audio to listen to the OTP and put it at the correct destination.

telegram without phone number
Here’s the Voicemail from TextNow containing Telegram verification code

Now, finally, you get to use Telegram without phone number. I mean without a real phone number. 😀

Here’s how it looks,

telegram without phone number
Finally my Telegram without a Phone number (Well with a virtual one, of course!)

Now you can see that this number is now my Telegram number and this number isn’t a real number. For privacy purposes, I put it on blur, cause I’m not permanently holding this number. Someone might be using it after it gets expired from my end.

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Step – 4: Secure your Telegram account so that you don’t lose it.

After that, one more final step is needed and this is to secure your Telegram account. Your TextNow number (the virtual one) can be expired at any time unless you recharge it or use it to send a text or call other numbers regularly.

And this is common happen. But our purpose to use TextNow is only to use Telegram without phone number. And we did it.

Now if that number got released and someone has taken it, also trying to sign-up for Telegram, then here you will lose your Telegram account.

So, you need to secure your Telegram account so that someone with access to the virtual phone number can never sign in to your account.

To do that, you need to enable Two-Step verification for your account.


  1. Go to Settings on your Telegram account from your mobile app
  2. Then go to Privacy and Security
  3. Scroll down to find Two-Step Verification.
  4. Click on it.
  5. Set passwords
  6. Add a recovery email. (If you forget your password, you’ll have an option to get your account back. Also, it is important to secure your Telegram account.)
  7. Enter the OTP sent to your recovery email.
  8. Now you are done! 🥳

Now, if someone tries to log in to your account, they need to provide the password to get in there. And this is how you can protect your Telegram account.

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Wrapping up:

I hope the steps I mentioned here will help you to use Telegram without phone number. Also, a bonus tip for you is that, if you have multiple devices, you better log in to your Telegram account from other devices too.

This way, if you somehow lost the Telegram app from your primary phone, and you know the number only, you can then get it back on your primary phone again. Cause Telegram will then send the verification code by default to the account logged in to other devices. So, you don’t necessarily need to have the access to that virtual number all the time.

Your Telegram accounts on other phones will act as backup sources for you to get log in to your Telegram account from any device at any time.

So, even if someone owns your virtual number in the future, you can still keep on using your Telegram app for as long as you want.

So, you can use Telegram without phone number and enjoy it as well.

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