How to Type in Hindi on WhatsApp in 2024?

WhatsApp has become the most valuable messaging medium for us, undoubtedly. In India, over 528 million people speak Hindi as a native language. Therefore, they want to use Hindi for communication in most cases.

Now, if you are the one who wants to type in Hindi on WhatsApp, you can do so by following the steps I mentioned below! So, without further ado, let’s learn how to type in Hindi on WhatsApp conveniently.

How to Type in Hindi on WhatsApp in 2024?

On your Android phone, the Google keyboard (aka Gboard) will be the primary keyboard for typing, and the language on Gboard will be set to English.

Now you can either use Google keyboard (Gboard) and change the language to Hindi, or you can also download a keyboard app mainly developed for Hindi typing. I’ll show you both ways; you can choose what fits best for you.

Method – 1: Google Keyboard: Set to Hindi

To change the preferred keyboard language on Google Keyboard, simply follow the steps,

Step – 1: Open Settings on your Android phone.

Step – 2 Type “Gboard” on the search bar in Settings.

Step – 3: From the search results, tap on Gboard.

Step – 4: Now, from the Gboard’s menu, choose Languages.

Step – 5: Over there, tap on Add Keyboard.

Step – 6: You’ll see Hindi (India) in the suggested languages. Tap on Hindi (India) and tap on Done in the next window. Now open your WhatsApp or notepad to test it out.

Note: You’ll need to tap and hold the Space button on Gboard until you see the Hindi language from the popup window. You have to do the same if you wish to switch back to the English language.

If you don’t have Gboard installed on your phone, download it from the play store and follow those steps to set it up.

If the mentioned steps puzzled you, this screen recording might help you to set the Hindi language on your Google Keyboard.

Video guide – 1

Method – 2: Get an Additional app

Now in this part, you can get a specific keyboard app just developed for Hindi typing. The best app that I recommend is “Hindi Keyboard.”

This app is specially developed for Hindi typing only. With that app, you can type Hindi on WhatsApp and other platforms.

You can easily switch from Hindi to English when required. This screen recording will help you set up this keyboard and use it appropriately.

Video guide – 2:

Wrapping up:

Now you know how to type in Hindi on WhatsApp. You can choose any of these methods to type Hindi on WhatsApp that works best for you.

If you wish to return to English, you can uninstall the “Hindi Keyword” or set the English language on Gboard.

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