How to type in Hindi on WhatsApp in 2022?

How to type in Hindi on WhatsApp? – WhatsApp has become the most used messaging platform among us now

. Back in 2010 when WhatsApp was just launched in India, we still used to use the classic text messaging pattern to send short messages to our friends, families, and others.

But as the internet generation started to upgrade, we only found WhatsApp as the most iconic messaging app with that progression that allows us to send messages along with multimedia over the internet.

And the fact is that we have finally got rid of SMS packs, huh! đŸ˜… One internet pack and all set…

Now the era has evolved. WhatsApp isn’t now just a personal messaging app anymore. WhatsApp Business has rolled out in 2017. Now businesses and individuals both are using WhatsApp.

Here in India, over 528 million people speak Hindi as a native language. They want to use Hindi for communication. Now in this blog post, I’ll be going to share with you a detailed step-by-step guide on how to type in Hindi on WhatsApp.

So, let’s dive in…

How to type in Hindi on WhatsApp in 2022?

By default on your Android phone, the Google keyboard (aka Gboard) will be the primary keyboard for typing and the language will be set to English.

Now you can either use Google keyboard (Gboard) and change the language or you can additionally download an app that is particularly designed for Hindi typing.

I’ll show you both ways of doing this.

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Method – 1: Google Keyboard: Set to Hindi

To change the preferred keyboard language on Google Keyboard, simply follow those steps…

  • Open Settings on your Android phone.
  • Type “Gboard” on the search bar in the Settings.
  • From the search results, tap on Gboard.
  • Now from the Gboard’s menu, choose Languages.
  • Over there, tap on Add Keyboard.
  • You’ll see Hindi (India) in the suggested languages.
  • Tap on Hindi (India) and then tap on Done on the next window.

That’s it, you have done it. Now open your WhatsApp or notepad to test it out.

Note: You’ll need to tap and hold the Space button on Gboard to choose the Hindi language from the popup window. You have to do the same if you wish to switch back to the English language.

In case you don’t have Gboard installed on your phone, simply download it from the play store and follow those steps to set it up.

Gboard – the Google Keyboard

Here I have made a screen recording and I show you how you can set the language to Hindi on Google Keyboard Gboard.

Video guide – 1

Method – 2: Get an Additional app

Now in this part, we are gonna get a specific app that’s just designed for Hindi typing. The app is Hindi Keyboard.

I’ve embedded the App link from the Google Play store below. Tap in there and install this app.

Hindi Keyboard

Hindi Keyboard
Hindi Keyboard
Developer: Desh Keyboards
Price: Free+
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot
  • Hindi Keyboard Screenshot

This app is specially designed for Hindi typing only. With that app, you can type Hindi on WhatsApp as well as other platforms.

You can easily switch from Hindi to English when needed. Here, I’ve attached a screen recording of how to set up this keyboard and use it properly.

Video guide – 2

Wrapping up:

Now here in this post, I have clearly guided you on how to type in Hindi on WhatsApp. You can wish to choose any of these methods to fulfill your need.

If you are stuck on any portion, tell me through a comment. I’ll love to help you out.

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