How to do a Hard Factory Reset on JioFi-4 Router?

When you buy this JioFi-4 router, you will see the SSID and Password labeled in the box and inside the router. You have to use these passwords for first-time login to your router admin profile (Control Panel) and change the router’s control panel and WiFi passwords.

But if you ever forget the password you set before, you have to do a Hard Factory Reset on JioFi-4 Router. This factory reset will set all passwords (WiFi+ Control Panel) of your JioFi-4 to its default passwords. So let’s learn how to do a Hard Factory Reset on JioFi-4 Router.

How to do a Hard Factory Reset on JioFi-4 Router?

To do a Hard Factory Reset on JioFi-4 Router, follow these steps,

Step – 1: Take your JioFi router, and you will see there are two buttons, one is a power button, and the other is a WPS button. If your router is off, then turn it on.

Step – 2: When the router is on, simultaneously press these two buttons (Power + WPS) until all the lights are turned off.

Step – 3: Then release the press, and you will see all the lights blinking with blue, green, and red colors. This indicates that the factory reset is processing. You don’t have to do anything now.

Check the WiFi on your laptop or phone when all the lights stop blinking. There must be a WiFi with SSID JioFi4_XXXXXX. Here you go. Just connect to this network with the default passwords.

Wrapping up:

Once you have successfully performed the hard factory reset on the JioFi-4 router, you need the default passwords to connect its WiFi to your Laptop, PC, or Mobile phone. After connecting to the network, go to this address, http://jiofi.local.html, and type administrator as username and password.

After logging in to your router control panel, you can set your desired passwords and WiFi name.

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