How to Delete Telegram Account Permanently in 2022

Hey, if you want to delete your Telegram account permanently, then this blog post, How to Delete Telegram Account, will help you to show the right path. Telegram does not have any in-app settings for account deletion or deactivation.

So here Telegram users get confused at the time when they want to delete their Telegram account instead of just deleting the app from their phone. But deleting a Telegram account is as easy as ABC.

If you don’t wanna read the whole tutorial article for a step-by-step guide, then you can simply click here. You will be redirected to the Telegram Account deletion page.

Let’s get started.

How to Delete Telegram Account in 2022

As there is no option in the Telegram app setting, so to delete your Telegram account you have to open your Telegram Web Settings. You will find the Your Telegram Core profile there. You can simply delete your Telegram account from there just in a few clicks.

Let me show you how you will do this step-by-step:

Open My Telegram Web

To open your Telegram Web, simply visit the address, https://my.telegram.org/auth or click here. And then you will see a page asking you to log in to your Telegram account in order to delete your Telegram account.

How to Delete Telegram Account

Now enter your phone number with your country code associated with your Telegram account. And click Next. The confirmation code submitting box will open up. You will receive a confirmation code from Telegram on your Telegram app.

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How to Delete Telegram Account

This is what the code will look like. You have to type the code as it is in the confirmation box in order to delete your Telegram account.

Note that Telegram will not be going to send this confirmation code as a text message on your phone number. So in case you are not able to access your Telegram app, you will not be able to move ahead in this process.

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Choose Delete Account

Now you are on your Telegram Core profile. Click on Delete account.

How to Delete Telegram Account

Once you will click on Delete account, you will be taken to the Telegram account deletion page. Here you have to

How to Delete Telegram Account

On this page, Telegram will ask you to enter your phone number and the reason for deleting your telegram account. Note that you have to type your Phone number in the international format, meaning including your country code.

You can leave the second box empty if you want to. And then the final task on this page is to click on the blue button Delete My Account.

Telegram will ask you again for confirming the deletion of your Telegram account permanently.

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How to Delete Telegram Account

Now click on the Red Button, Yes, delete my account to finally delete your account. That’s the final click to delete your account.

How to Delete Telegram Account

After that, you will see the confirmation on the next page that your Telegram account has been successfully deleted from their system.

Wrapping up:

Note that once you have deleted your Telegram account in this process you will never be able to restore this account in the future. Telegram doesn’t give any sort of time duration so that you can restore your Telegram account in case your mind changes.

If you have any important chats, media, files, or saved messages, you should store them in your phone before you proceed to delete your Telegram account permanently.

You can again sign up on Telegram with the same number but you will not get anything from the previous account. It will be a fresh account.

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