50+ Call of Duty Hashtags for Instagram & YouTube in 2024

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Call of Duty is an online battle game developed by Activision and others in 2003. When it comes to talking about first-person shooter video games, “Call of Duty” can’t be skipped. Den of Geek has featured Call of Duty as the 8th best first-person shooter video game in 2024.

This game is quite popular as a shooting game as it offers both multiplayer and royale modes. Besides just a game to give you a military vibe, Call of Duty, aka COD, has become the gamer’s top-picked game to stream online.

Watching gameplay is also exciting, just like playing it, and that makes gamers stream Call of Duty gameplay on their YouTube or Twitch channels.

Call of Duty Hashtags

If you are a streamer, or you have captured some moment on Call of Duty that you want to share with your audience or want to start attracting a targeted audience and building your gaming community, then you are in the right post to look for the right thing.

Yes, I’m talking about hashtags, the first thing you need when you proceed to share your creation on social media. As hashtags play great on social media such as Instagram and YouTube, it is vital to use them appropriately and correctly.

To ease your hashtag research process, I have compiled 50+ Call of Duty Hashtags that are popular in 2024 and give you an immediate boost on your post. I’ve sorted them based on their level of competitiveness; pick the one set that fits best for your profile based on your follower count.

Low Competitive Call of Duty Hashtags

Each of these Hashtags contains less than 50,000 Call of Duty posts on Instagram. If your Instagram account has 0 to 10,000 followers, this set of hashtags will be ideal.

You can use these hashtags in your post. If you use this set of hashtags correctly, you can easily rank on these hashtags, even if your page is new. And the initial boost will help you reach a reasonable Instagram reach and bring more profile visits.

#callofduty #callofdutyzombiesmemes #callofdutyedit #callofdutywwii #callofdutymobilememes #callofdutymodernwarfare2 #callofdutyedits #callofdutymw3 #callofdutymobileindia #callofdutyclans #callofdutymobileclips #callofdutysniping #callofdutymultiplayer #callofdutymobilebattleroyale #callofdutywarzoneclips #callofdutymobilefunny

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Medium Competitive Call of Duty Hashtags

Listed below are the medium competitive hashtags for Call of Duty. Each of these hashtags contains less than 150,000 public posts on Instagram as of 2024. Therefore the difficulty of ranking on such hashtags cannot be overlooked.

These hashtags will be ideal for you if you have at least 50,000 Instagram followers. Given that you have fulfilled the criteria, you can use these Call of Duty Hashtags and easily rank on these hashtags.

#callofduty #callofdutyblackops2 #callofdutyblackout #callofdutyghost #callofdutymeme #callofdutyblackopscoldwar #callofdutybo4 #callofdutyvanguard #callofdutymobilegame #onlinegamer #callofdutygameplay #callofdutyinfinitewarfare #callofdutycommunity #callofduty5 #callofdutyadvancedwarfare #battlegame #shootinggame

High Competitive Call of Duty Hashtags

Each of these hashtags contains more than 200,000 public posts of Call of Duty on Instagram, making them highly competitive to rank. But ranking on these hashtags will surely give you an incredible boost on Instagram.

If you have more than 50k followers on Instagram, you can use these hashtags in the caption of your post to take proper advantage of the hashtags.

#callofduty #callofdutymobile #callofdutymodernwarfare #callofdutywarzone #callofdutymemes #callofdutyclips #callofdutyblackops4 #callofdutymobilegameplay #callofdutyww2 #onlinegame #callofdutyzombies #callofdutyblackops #callofdutycoldwar #callofdutyblackops3 #callofdutymw #callofdutyghosts

Wrapping up:

All right, I have shared with you the most popular Call of Duty Hashtags for 2024. You can use them based on the follower count of your Instagram profile.

Try adding a few location-based hashtags along with them. Plus, a few action-based hashtags based on the post will work better. Note that a set of mixed-up hashtags works better. Keep your caption section clean, and avoid using only hashtags.

Use 10 to 15 hashtags. Don’t repeat the same hashtags on every post; don’t use 30/30 hashtags on Instagram. By doing so, you may get shadowban on Instagram.

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