Top BGMI Hashtags for Instagram and YouTube in 2022

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BGMI, also known as, Battlegrounds Mobile India, is the Indian version of PUBG.

In India, PUBG had a wider audience, both from earning and entertainment prospects.

So after the ban of PUBG in India as it didn’t meet the IT rules of India, the KRAFTON remade PUBG by following all terms and conditions of the Indian IT act and naming it BGMI.

The BGMI is only for Indian players, and if you play it well, you can build your own community on social media such as Instagram or YouTube.

BGMI Hashtags

Hashtags play an incredible role in any social media, and it can be hectic all the time to do self-research and note down the best hashtags for you.

This is why to ease your effort on that, we have picked 50+ BGMI hashtags for Instagram and YouTube in 2022.

Choose the best set of BGMI hashtags for your social media handle and enjoy the boost.

So, let’s get started.

BGMI hashtags for Gameplay

These hashtags mentioned below are low competitive. Most of them are having public Instagram posts of less than 50,000.

So if your Instagram engagement rate is low, you can use these BGMI hashtags for your BGMI Gameplay.

#bgmisensitivity #bgmilfs #bgmilite #karakin #bgmivideos #bgmi❤️ #bgmishorts #bgmilove❤️😍 #bgmiarmy #eranglemap #bgmitricks #sanhokmap #bgmifunnymoments #bgmilovers #bgmitips 

BGMI hashtags for Moments

Moments in BGMI are something to share with your audience on Social media.

Capture the moments while playing BGMI and share it on your page with these hand-picked hashtags.

#bgmivideo #bgmifunnyclips #bgmiedits #georgopol #bgmimoments #bgmiplayer #bgmiios #bgmifunny #bgmistatus #bgmiclips #erangle #bgmireels #bgmilovers❤️ #pochinki

BGMI hashtags for Tips and Tricks

Most newbie gamers try to learn tips and tricks from pro players on YouTube or Instagram.

You can use these hashtags below if your post contains tips and tricks for playing and winning the BGMI game.

#bgmindia #bgmiholidaygiveaway #bgmimontage #bgmimemes #bgmindia🇮🇳 #bgmiindia #bgmigameplay #bgmilover #bgmigirl #bgmiindia🇮🇳 #bgmitipsandtricks #bgmiscrms #bgmichallenge #bgmigrind🔥 #bgmidance

Wrapping Up:

So here you have 40+ BGMI hashtags to use on Instagram and YouTube.

Over there on the Instagram caption, you can use a maximum of 30 hashtags.

Note: Don’t use the same hashtags repeatedly on each post.

Also, do not fill the caption field with 30 out of 30 hashtags.

Doing so, your post may be flagged by the Instagram algorithm as a spammy post.

Use 5 to 7 BGMI hashtags from the above-mentioned and mix them with 2 to 3 location-based hashtags. Also, you can add some performance-based hashtags that are entirely related to the post.

By following the best practices, you can save your Instagram page from shadowban.

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