Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine in India by getting Notification in Real-time when slots open up in your location!

You don’t know when the COVID19 vaccine slots will open up in your area so that you can book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine on time. Every time you open the CoWIN or similar portals to book your vaccine, you found that they already are booked. And you also don’t have enough time to check the portal every moment to find when the slots are available to book.

This is the problem that most people among us are facing currently. When the slots open up for booking, they used to be very little in quantity and get fully booked in a few minutes. So here you need to act smart to book the vaccine when it opens up in your area real quick.

Here in this blog post, I’m going to share some amazing tricks and tips that you can use to book slots for the COVID19 next very easily.

So let’s get started.

Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine in India

You have to register yourself on the CoWIN portal. This is your first task in the entire process of this vaccination.

To register yourself on the CoWIN portal, follow these simple steps.

Step – 1: Open your browser, (Chrome, Opera, Safari whatever you use)

Step – 2: Go to the CoWIN portal:

Step – 3: Now you have to register yourself on this portal. Click on Register or sign in yourself.

Process of Registering yourself and booking slots on CoWIN

To register yourself on CoWIN, you need a have an active phone number.

  1. Type your number in the given section and click on Get OTP
  2. You will get an OTP from CoWIN in that mobile number, just type that OTP in the next window and click on Verify and Process
  3. Now you’ve to add a member, it can be yourself or another person for whom you are supposed to book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine. [Note that you can register 4 members to one phone number]
  4. Click on Register Member and fill the form with details like Photo ID Proof and its number, Name, Gender, and Year of Birth.
  5. After filling out that form, click on Register.
  6. Now you’ve successfully registered yourself or that person on the CoWIN portal. Now next is to Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine.
  7. To do that, click on Schedule.
  8. Now search your preferable vaccine center either by your area pin number or by your state name and district name respectively.
  9. Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine based on availability and your preference. Here your preference includes the type of vaccine, age (18+ or 45+), and then the preferable time.
  10. After booking the slot you will receive an SMS to your mobile number. Here the only thing you need to keep is the 4 digits’ secret code.
  11. The 4-digit secret will be used at the verification time to that covid19 vaccine center.
  12. You can also download the appointment slip from your profile on the CoWIN portal.
  13. On that slip, you will get everything like your center name, time, your secret code, and all that necessary stuff.
  14. That’s how you will book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine.

Get confused with all of these step? Well, this video guide will help you out! 🙂

Why do you need Notification in Real-time?

Now you’ve got to know how you can register yourself on the CoWIN portal and also how to book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine. But the only problem is how you’ll get available slots to book?

Let me show you some stats:

Vaccine stats as of june 2021 in india

Look at the screenshots, it’s June 18, and the data about vaccination is on Google snippet. As of June 18, only 3.5% population in India is fully vaccinated. So you can imagine that this is really a long milestone to go that far. Therefore, grabbing the booking for vaccines in some particular area or state in India may be a big task for someone. In my case, I applied a simple trick and was successful to book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine. The trick is nothing but getting a real-time notification on your phone when there is an open-up in the vaccine slots.

The fact is that if you pay no attention to this, and you only search for booking the vaccine when you find time for it, then it will be hardly possible for you to book your slots. Cause slots can open up at any time and get fully booked in a couple of minutes.

The site I used is an awesome tool for that job. It will give you an instant notification right in your Telegram app when there is an open-up in the slots. So let’s get to know how can you set up your kind of notification on that site.

Process of setting up real-time notification to book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine

Things you need to have to get real-time notification.

  1. Telegram app
  2. Your phone must be connected to the internet all the time so that you don’t miss notifications.


  1. Go to this site: if you are booking for 18+ or else go to that site above if you are booking for 45+
  2. Now select your state and then select your district from the drop-down menu.
Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine

3. In my case, I’ve selected the state, Karnataka, and District, Bangalore Urban. Now you can see, that I got a Telegram channel link, U45 Bangalore Urban. Just clicked on this and my Telegram desktop opens up and then I joined this channel.

Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine

After joining this channel I started receiving notifications when there was an open up for booking vaccines.

Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine

Look at the last notification I received, it was showing that there are 70 slots for the COVISHIELD vaccine that is now available to book in this particular hospital on this particular date, and it is based in Bangalore Urban.

They have provided the link also so that you can promptly visit the CoWIN platform and book your slot before it gets fully booked.

You can see that the slots are very few in quantity and also the channel is now having 47k+ users. So even here also you have to be rapid fast to book your slot in your desired location.

Wrapping up: Book slots for the COVID19 Vaccine

Now you can get an idea, even if you are getting a real-time notification when there are slots to book, it will be hard enough to book these days as there are more active users who are seamlessly waiting for the vaccine to book on this way.

Hmm, the demand is pretty high I know! But don’t worry about it. Keep your phone always in General mode. You can better set a special tune for Telegram so that you can focus on other works also. After all, get vaccinated and stay protected!

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